GUV tube pulling assays

Micropatterning and microfabrication (Rolls+PRIMO)

Cellular capsules:

Flipper probes technology:

Confocal microscopes

TIRF Microscopy

Total Internal Reflection (TIRF) microscopy is a valuable technique for the observation of fluorescently labelled molecules on membrane surfaces. It relies on the principle of Total Internal Reflection, which occurs when an incident wavelength hits the boundary of a denser medium with a specific angle, and is not refracted but entirely reflected back into the medium it was initially travelling through. This gives rise to a defined, 200-nm high zone in proximity to that medium boundary, in which fluorescent molecules can be excited, called « evanescence field ». TIRF microscopy can be used for the study of membrane-bound molecules both in in-vitro reconstituted systems as well as in live cells.

Optical tweezers