Juan Manuel García Arcos

Post-Doctoral Researcher

My project in the team of Pr. Roux is to understand the relationship between cytoskeletal dynamics and membrane tension, with a focus on the establishment of membrane tension gradient by actin dynamics. I am generally interested in cell dynamics during cell migration, by using microscopy to describe quantitatively physical processes in cells.

I started my postdoc in the Roux lab in November 2021, after doing a PhD in the lab of Matthieu Piel at Institut Curie (France). During my PhD, I studied actin dynamics in confined amoeboid cells (see thesis link). I hold a bachelors degree in Biotecnology from the University Pablo de Olavide (Sevilla, my hometown), a masters degreee in Interdisciplinary Life Sciences from Paris Diderot University and a maters in Pedagogy and EdTech from Paris Descartes University.

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